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Mom hits granny for touching baby

A young mother carrying a baby hit an old woman with a plastic bottle for touching her child on the subway.

A video clip, reported by a broadcaster Saturday, showed the young woman beating an older woman with a 1.5-liter plastic bottle in front of other passengers, while telling the older woman not to touch her child.

In the clip, the woman carrying a stroller said, “Shut up. When I tell you to stop touching my child, you do what I tell you to do. Call the police.” 

The older woman did not react but sat quietly. Even the child asked the mother to move on but she kept asking the older woman why she would not call the police.

Passengers reported the incident to the subway authorities and a subway employee boarded at Hyehwa Station, the next stop and escorted them off the train. 

The employee said he asked the old woman whether she wanted to report the attack to the police but she declined.

Following the incident, some Internet users posted messages criticizing the young woman’s behavior toward the old woman. But others wrote sympathetic notes, saying the old woman should mind her manners and not touch the child.

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